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Tractor Pull Classes and Rules

Classic & Antique Tractor Pull Classes:

(5 mph speed limit for Antique and Classic, no speed limit for open)

 2600 lb. Classic through 19596000 lb. Classic through 1959
 3000 lb. Classic through 19596600 lb. Classic through 1959
 3200 lb. Antique through 19397000 lb. Classic through 1959
 3200 lb. Classic through 19597500 lb. Classic through 1959
 3600 lb.  Antique through 19398500 lb. Classic through 1959
 3600 lb. Classic through 1959 
 4000 lb. Antique through 1939 
 4000 lb. Classic through 1959 
 4600 lb. Antique through 1939 
 4600 lb. Classic through 1959 
 5000 lb. Antique through 1939 
 5000 lb. Classic through 1959 
 5600 lb. Antique through 1939 
 5600 lb. Classic through 1959 


Farm Classes (7 mph speed limit):

 5600 lb. Farm through 1976
 6000 lb. Farm through 1976
 6600 lb. Farm through 1976
 7000 lb. Farm through 1976
 7500 lb. Farm through 1976
 8500 lb. Farm through 1976
 9500 lb. Farm through 1976
 10500 lb. Farm through 1976
 11500 lb. Farm through 1976
 12500 lb. Farm through 1976


Open Classes (No speed limit) 

 4000 lb. Open through 1959
 4600 lb. Open through 1959
 5000 lb. Open through 1959
 6000 lb. Open through 1959
 9500 lb. Open through 1959


Twin Pull (combined weight of two

tractors; 5 mph limit; last event of the pull):

 6000 lb. Twin Pull
 9000 lb. Twin Pull
 12000 lb. Twin Pull


Tractor Pull Rules (revised May 2021)

  1.  REGISTRATION:  Drivers must be 16 years of age or older with a valid drivers license in order to pull.  14  and 15 year old drivers MUST have completed a Tractor Drivers Safety Course and MUST provide a valid tractor safety completion certificate at time of registration.  16 year old drivers MUST provide a valid driver's license at time of registration.  Failure to provide the required documents will result in driver NOT being registered and allowed to pull.  This is required by our insurance company and THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!
  2. Pullers can register any time before their class starts.
  3. Pulls are limited to 4 pulls per tractor.  That can consist of 3 classes plus 1 open class, if puller chooses.
  4. Two different pullers can pull in the same class with the same tractor, limited to 2 classes only.
  5. TRACTOR CLASSIFICATIONS:  Antique tractors must be 1939 or older.  Any tractor in question as being 1939 or older must have the serial number in the proper place and must be read easily.  Tractors must have stock blocks, stock carbs, and no external parts manufactured for tractors built later than 1939.  Any tractor that has a serial number or parts to make a newer tractor appear legal will be disqualified.
  6. Classic tractors are through 1959.  Farm tractors are through 1975.
  7. Antique tractors can pull in the Classic, Farm or Open classes if they choose. However, Classic, Farm and Open class tractors CANNOT pull in the antique class.  Tractors that are modified with aftermarket accessories (oversized tires, etc) must pull in open classes. 
  8. Turbos allowed in Farm Class.
  9. Any gas operated tractor must use gasoline only.
  10. WEIGH-IN:  All tractors must weigh in BEFORE pulling.  (Allowed 100 lbs. over for each class includes the driver weight).  The scale will be open 2 hours before the pull begins.  No parts can be removed to make weight class (tires, hood, etc), all must be on while pulling.
  11. HOOK UP AND PULL:  The shift lever must be in neutral while hooking up.
  12. 1st puller in each class does not have the option to re-pull.  
  13. Puller can stop and adjust weights within the first 50 feet, if they can restart the pull under their own power.
  14. While pulling, the driver must remain on the seat with one hand on the wheel. No jumping or bouncing will be allowed, however, leaning will be allowed.  
  15. Torque amplifiers can be shifted once during the pull.
  16. Anyone caught tampering with another puller's tractor will be disqualified from pulling. If disqualification is ruled on top placing tractor, all other tractors move up on place.
  17. No drinking of alcohol if pulling!
  18. SPEED LIMIT:  Antique and classic tractors must not exceed the speed limit of 5 m.p.h.  Speed limit for Farm classes is 8 m.p.h.  No speed limit for Open classes. Twin pull speed limit is 5 mph.
  19. Tractors must be operated in a safe manner at all times while on showgrounds.  Speeds must not exceed 5 MPH off the track.  
  20. A pace tractor can be used (except in the Farm and Open classes) if the judges choose, otherwise the speed will be controlled by the flagman or person operating the eliminator.  Horn will sound if you are exceeding the speed limit.  2nd horn and puller is disqualified.
  21. TIRE SIZE:  Antique and Classic tractors 5000 lbs and under are limited to a 15.5-38 maximum tire size.  Tractors above 5000 lbs. are limited to a 18.4-38 maximum tire size.  No cut tires or radials in Antique or Classic classes.  Cut tires or radials will be allowed in Farm and Open classes.  No limit on tire size in Farm and Open classes.  
  22. Tractors must be wheel driven, no crawlers or dual wheels.
  23. Original steel wheels will be allowed to pull where permitted.  Steel wheels shall pull last in each class.  One set of original extension rims will be allowed.  Front wheel assist can not be used while pulling.
  24. DRAW BARS:  For Antique and Classic classes a rigid draw bar, clevis, and eye hook must not exceed 20 inches in height, and not  be closer than 18 inches from the centerline of the rear axle.  Every puller must have a clevis or an eye hook.
  25. No locking or welded rear ends.
  27. If the track judge stops a puller for any reason the puller takes the distance where he or she is stopped.
  28. Tractors will be flagged and stopped if the front end raises higher than the track judge decides is safe.
  29. Any tractor puller violating the track boundary will be flagged and measured.
  30. If any weights fall off before the pin is pulled, the tractor will be measured at that point.
  31. WEIGHTS:  Extra weights must not exceed beyond 36 inches behind the center of the rear axle.  Weight must not interfere with the hook-up.  Your tractor must have weight brackets, no weights are allowed on the driver's  platform or seat.   
  32. Front weight brackets and weights CANNOT exceed more than 11 feet from center rear axle.
  33. GENERAL INFO:  The sponsoring organization must provide a method to load and unload tractors on the grounds and must remain on the grounds and hour after the pull for reloading tractors.
  34. TRACK JUDGES:  The decision of the track judges and officers will be final on areas of dispute not covered by these rules.
  35. All decisions of the track judges are FINAL!

For further information contact:   

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